Our Story

Our Essence

Shea Body isn’t just a brand, it's a testament to the power of natural beauty, a celebration of African heritage, and a beacon of female entrepreneurship. I'm Christine Bradley, the proud founder of this all-natural, vegan, Black and female-owned business.

Our Beginning

It all started with a moment of need, an act of sisterhood, and the discovery of a natural treasure — African Shea butter. At a time when I thought I “needed lotion”, a dollop of Shea butter came to my rescue, gifted by a sister who knew the power of it’s natural skin nourishment. I realized then, I had to share this magic with the world.

Our Vision

Shea Body was born from a desire to create a product not just for the skin, but for the soul. Our ingredients are a carefully curated symphony of all-natural, vegan elements that pay homage to the earth and our roots. We're not just another brand on the shelf; we're a story, a community, a movement. As a Black female-owned enterprise, we stand for more than beauty — we represent resilience, empowerment, and the rich tapestry of African traditions. Our vision is to envelop you in an aromatic embrace of nature, offering a premium sensory experience without the premium price tag, ensuring that indulgence in Shea Body is an accessible everyday luxury.

Our Promise

Each Shea Body product is a blend of tradition and innovation, handcrafted with 100% African Shea butter, complemented by the finest selection of essential oils and organic nutrients. Our commitment to quality and purity is unwavering, just like the love and care we pour into every batch. We believe that everyone deserves to feel the embrace of nature's best, and we make it our mission to deliver just that.

Our Invitation

Join us on a journey back to nature, back to the roots, back to self-love. Embrace the Shea Body experience — where every product is a celebration of life, crafted with the joy